August 3, 2023


1. Sleep

Get some good sleep the night before so you are well rested for the session. This will help eliminate bags under your eyes and give you energy to get through the shoot.

2. Be Prepared

Make sure you have your outfits ironed and on hangers with accessories that go along with the outfit ready the night before the session.

3. Wardrobe

Outfits should reflect your personality and make you feel good about yourself. Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable.

Girls: Wearing a mixture of dresses/skirts and/or jeans/capri pants will provide us with more posing options. Spaghetti straps and tube tops are not recommended because they don’t usually look very flattering in photographs. Try to not overdo your make up and keep your jewelry simple. 

Guys: Bring casual clothing as well as a nicer shirt and slacks. Wear clothes that fit well. Baggy shirts and hoodies are comfortable but they don’t often look good in photographs. Make sure you get your hair cut at least a week before the session and shave the night before to avoid redness/bumps.

4. What to Bring to the Session

Water to stay hydrated and a light snack for energy.

Makeup bag for quick touch-ups, brush/comb, hairspray, chapstick, bobby pins, mirror and whatever else you think you’ll need to make you look your best.

5. Personal Items

Please keep your pockets emptied. Have a parent hold keys and cell phones.

6. Arrive to your session 10 minutes early. 

7. Note to Parents

We love having parents be a part of the session but please refrain from hovering over the session. Give your Senior and photographer some space to work.